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Holistic and Alternative Therapies

Were on the precipice of having alternative and holistic therapies revolutionizing how we treat substance use, mental health and co-occurring disorders. At Foundations Group Recovery Centers, we realize that our clients needs are evolving with the advances within the industry. We are proud to offer a variety of treatment modalities at our addiction treatment center in Mashpee, Ma to expose our clients to multiple paths of recovery.

Our Therapies

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Foundations Group Recovery Centers, located in Mashpee, Ma, is proud to offer a wide variety of treatment approaches to our clients to help them recover from substance use disorder. One of our approaches to treatment is the use of holistic and alternative therapies. These therapies are used in conjunction with traditional therapies such as behavioral therapy and medication-assisted treatment. The center's holistic approach focuses on treating the whole person, addressing their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. They believe that addiction is a disease that affects the whole person, and treatment should address all aspects of the individual.

Some of the holistic and alternative therapies used at Foundations Group Recovery Centers include yoga, meditation, mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, Reiki, Refuge Recovery and nutrition counseling. These therapies are used to help individuals manage stress, anxiety, and other emotional issues that may contribute to addiction. Yoga and meditation, for example, have been shown to help reduce stress and promote relaxation, which can be beneficial during the recovery process. Sound and energy healing can help reduce pain and promote relaxation, which can also be helpful during the detoxification process. Nutrition counseling is also an essential part of the center's holistic approach, as a healthy diet can help individuals feel better physically and emotionally.

Our approach to holistic and alternative therapies is designed to help individuals in recovery achieve long-term sobriety by addressing all aspects of their health and well-being. By using these therapies in conjunction with traditional treatment methods, the we aim to provide a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery that addresses the unique needs of each individual.

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