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Substance Use

Substance Abuse Evaluations (SAE’s) are also known as “drug and alcohol evaluations”, or “DUI assessments”.  These are brief evaluations conducted by a licensed mental health provider with experience in the assessment and treatment of addiction issues.

Our SAE process consists of scheduling a 45 to 60 minute appointment. Intake documents must be completed prior, otherwise your appointment will be rescheduled. During the assessment your provider will conduct an evaluation which includes questions that measure your risk level. Following the appointment, your provider will complete a brief written report that will include a summary of your evaluation and treatment recommendations. Your completed report will be emailed to you within a week. We understand that often these evaluations are time sensitive due to scheduled court hearings. If you require an expedited evaluation, or report, please let us know during the initial scheduling process.

The cost for a Substance Abuse Evaluation and report is $200. Payment is due at the time of session. Follow-up evaluations and/or reports, which are typically conducted 30 days after the first appointment, are $120 per update. The cost of evaluations are not reimbursable by insurance.

We offer in-person and virtual appointments.

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