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Foundations Group Recovery Centers' mission is to eliminate barriers by implementing evidence-based resources to help men and women achieve long-term sobriety. For many, addiction can seem impossible to overcome, but at our addiction center, we have been a part of many success stories. We will help you overcome your self-doubt and guide you to a better life. At our addiction center, we base our approach to recovery on the techniques known to work, but then we tailor our plan to meet the needs of an individual.


Our addiction center is committed to helping individuals throughout the Boston, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Plymouth, MA areas with substance use and co-occurring disorders build a strong foundation for a path to recovery. We also host family support groups to aid those closest to them.


Through discipline, integrity, and dedication FGRC's assist individuals through the change process to reach their full potential. Every day we help individuals get a step closer to sobriety. We see what challenges they are facing, and our addiction center reduces the obstacles getting between an individual and a better life. Individuals can recover from addiction. They just need a little help getting there.

An Addiction Center Committed to Your Recovery

At Foundations Group Recovery Centers, we will do all we can to eliminate your substance dependence. We will improve your resistance to any potential triggers and doubt you may face. When you next face temptation, our strategies will be there to guide you and provide you strength. Our substance use treatment center in Mashpee, MA provides programs for all types of addiction and substance use disorders, including Benzodiazepine abuse, opioid disorder, alcohol use disorder, and more. 

No matter where you are in your journey to recovery, our treatment plan can help push you one step closer to where you need to be. When our addiction center is involved, a strong foundation will be built to aid you in recovery. We invite you to get in touch with Foundations Group Recovery Centers if you or a loved one are facing substance use disorder and need addiction help. 

Call Today to Learn More About Our Treatment Programs & Family Support Groups

Meet the Team at Our Center

Founder and Ceo Mike Clancy
Clinical Director Riley Doyle
Brittany Fitzgerald

Michael Clancy
Founder & CEO

Riley Doyle, MS, LADC I
Clinical Director

Brittany Fitzgerald, LICSW
Director of Outpatient Services

Director of Business Development Joe Nalewanski

Stephanie Motta, BS, LADC, CADC

Primary Therapist

Manny Botelho, LADC II
Clinical Training & Development Counselor

Joe Nalewanski
Director of Business Development

Kevin Belodeau
Director of Human Resources
Adam Schwamb

Kevin Belodeau
Director of Operations

Leslie King
Director of Human Resources

Adam Schwamb, CARC
Director of Recovery Coaching and Family Support

Delacey Boyes

Delacey Boyes
Admissions Coordinator

Pete Tomaiolo
Director of Sober Living


Patrick Konyn
Director of Facilities

Derek Lamphier

Derek Lamphier
Community Outreach Coordinator

Jeff Rose

Jeffrey Rose, BSW, LADC II, CARC
Business Development Specialist

Kyle Laramee

Kyle Laramee
Business Development Specialist

Director of Marketing Keith Shaffer

Keith Shaffer
Director of Marketing


Alicia Conlin
Alumni Coordinator

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