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Foundations Group Recovery Centers Family Support Groups for Addiction Recovery

If you're a family member of an addict, you know how isolating the experience can be. You might feel like no one understands what it's like to watch someone close to you struggle with addiction and its consequences. In reality, there are many people out there going through similar experiences who would love to share their stories with you. Support groups provide a safe space for this kind of sharing because they are led by trained professionals who understand what it means to have someone in your life struggling with substance use disorder (SUD).

What to Expect from a Family Support Group

A family support group is a place to share your experiences and learn from others. It's also a great place to get information about treatment options, since many people who attend these groups have been through the same thing as you.

If you're wondering how to find a good family support group for addiction recovery, here are some things that might help:

  • Look for an organization with a strong reputation in the community and/or among professionals who treat addiction (such as therapists). This will be important when it comes time for choosing treatment options later on.

Practical Tips for Going to a Family Support Group

You might be the only person in your support group who has been to a family support group. This can be intimidating, but try not to worry about it. Remember that everyone else is there because they want to help themselves and their loved ones in some way.

People often find it easier to talk about their problems when they know they are not alone in dealing with them--so don't be afraid if someone shares something personal or difficult with you! Even if they're crying while telling you about it, just listen and let them know that what happened wasn't your fault (even if it was).

Don't bring up any problems of your own unless asked specifically by another member of the group; instead, focus on listening attentively when others speak up first so that people feel comfortable sharing their stories with everyone else at the table too!

If you are looking for support as a family member of an addict, it is possible to find resources near you.

Foundations Group Recovery Centers offers free weekly family support groups. Our family support group is available to you, regardless of whether your loved one seeks treatment. This group is available in-person and on zoom.

Thursday 6:00-7:30 PM

800 Falmouth Road, Suite 201B, Mashpee, MA 02649

Zoom ID: 915 7878 4818 Password: 177025

We also have a new Family Support line for anyone who needs help with their loved one in recovery: 774-392-6668.

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