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Graduate House

Graduate Housing

Our Phase 3 graduate housing is for clients who have completed our full continuum of care and are seeking to transition out of sober living. The Men's house, located in Mashpee, MA, is a 5 bedroom residence offering private single rooms. Graduate housing is usually discussed after a client has lived in the Phase 2 housing for over a year. Phase 3 is a 'peer-run" recovery residence, with a senior resident holding other residents accountable. Drug screenings and house meetings are typical, but there are no paid, clinical positions within the home.


Follow the private driveway until it opens up to 2 1/2 acres of lush landscape, majestic scenery, unspoiled natural surroundings, and breathtaking views of the salt marsh. For many women in their journey of recovery, this has become a catalyst for wellness and healing.


Our property is nestled in a wooded area surrounded by trees, flowers and beautiful foliage with a panoramic view of the water. The beach is just down the street—adorned with sand dunes, long jetties and the iconic
Sandwich Boardwalk. 

Graduate Housing in Sandwich housing offers a supportive, sober, and serene environment to give recovering women an opportunity to gain strength and stability before transitioning back to their lives. Since we limit the number of residents to six, each woman receives more individualized attention and support—which is especially helpful for those who may require a more “tactical” approach to sobriety. Peer support and guidance will further assist in the transition back to their home environment.

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