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Methamphetamine Addiction Programs For Boston, MA

Methamphetamine addiction is a hard habit to break. It takes a well-thought-out substance use treatment plan. Our inpatient detox will help rid the physical presence of meth in your body, but that is just the first step. A good addiction recovery plan also includes counseling services. We provide counseling services that will help patients deal with the psychological issues caused by addiction and educate them on ways to resist the temptation to use again. Inpatient detoxes and programs are not the only options. There are also outpatient recovery programs for methamphetamine addiction. Outpatient recovery is geared more towards the counseling aspect of addiction. We have recovery coaches that meet with you regularly to discuss your progress and provide you with ways to become drug-free.

Why Choose Us for Methamphetamine Addiction Recovery?

  • Inpatient Programs: If you want a more controlled environment to aid in your methamphetamine addiction treatment, inpatient programs are best. We strictly control the environment in which you stay to prevent access to the drug so that you can detox properly. From there, we provide you with counseling to help you get through your personalized addiction recovery.


  • Outpatient Programs: It can be difficult for everyone to commit to an inpatient program. Outpatient programs provide the same support as our inpatient recovery programs but with the added convenience of being able to return to your home and live your normal life.


  • Recovery Coaches: We assign recovery coaches to each of our patients. This allows us to get to know you on an individual level and helps us to provide you with a better substance use treatment plan.


  • Family Support Groups: Your family plays an important role in your life and your recovery. They are also affected by your addiction. Our family support groups help you recover, emotionally, as well as them.

Contact Our Addiction Treatment Center Today!

Foundation Group Recovery Centers is an addiction treatment center serving the Boston, MA area. We understand that methamphetamine addiction is a difficult thing to break. We offer both inpatient and outpatient recovery programs to help you break your addiction. Our programs all feature personal recovery coaches that help guide you through the recovery process. Contact us today to begin your addiction recovery!

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