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Partial Hospitalization Program

Dependable Inpatient Rehab Facility Near Boston, MA

The city of Boston, MA has become one of the most iconic places in the United States. It’s played a central role in the country’s history. The area was first settled in the early 1600s by the Puritan colonists. Throughout the years, the city went through times of war and economic decline. These years made Boston, MA into what many people know and love about it today. It’s become a hub for the education, medicine, and biotechnology industries. These industries have provided jobs for people throughout Boston, MA and the surrounding areas.


Many people work in high-stress and toxic work environments. This type of lifestyle can drive people to develop substance use disorders. These types of illnesses affect people in various age groups. It’s important to understand that substance abuse disorders are common, recurrent, and very serious. People from all over the world struggle with these types of disorders but they’re treatable. With the proper treatment and support, many people can recover. The team at Foundations Group Recovery Centers is here to help you or your loved one overcome this debilitating illness.

Contact Our Addiction Center to Learn More About Our Substance Abuse Treatments

At Foundations Group Recovery Centers, we have years of experience in substance abuse treatments for patients across Boston, MA and the surrounding areas. No matter the type of addiction you’re struggling with, our team of health care professionals is here to help. Our inpatient rehab center specializes in treating patients struggling with benzodiazepine abuse, cocaine addiction, alcohol use disorder, heroin addiction, opioid use disorder, fentanyl addiction, and methamphetamine addiction. At our addiction treatment center, we provide patients with a safe and supportive space for substance abuse detoxification. Our recovery coaches provide patients with the addiction help they need to overcome their illness. At our drug and alcohol rehab facility, we give patients a safe place to live without the temptations and triggers of the outside world. We know that substance use disorders aren’t simple and the recovery process can affect the entire family. At our addiction center, we offer family support groups to connect families who have loved ones struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. During these sessions, families can talk about the different stages of addiction recovery. To learn more about our inpatient rehab facility, contact one of our addiction recovery specialists today.

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